Field Notes is an erratic, illustrated newsletter I’ve been writing in various iterations since 2016—I started the project over at TinyLetter while I was a graduate student researching my master’s thesis. Topics then included a lot of musings on, uh, certain unconventional though noteworthy women in desert places (as did my research). While the scope and continuation of that work now remains largely private (!), this space has evolved to embrace other forms of culture, nature, and identity in our strange world.

It’s mostly a lot of, like, rhapsodizing about plants or movies (usually about space).

Letters of Recommendation is a biweekly offshoot of Field Notes, a letter that takes my apparent favorite form: a current fixation, sometimes practical but usually not.

Also, hi, @missyjkennedy here—as you can probably tell, I’m a writer and illustrator as well as a “marketer.” You can find my professional work (and published writing) here.